Here’s a list of other blogs I like:



I first heard an interview with Jerzy Gregorek on Tim Ferriss’s podcast, and this vegetable soup-eating Polish weightlifter immediately struck me as someone who I could trust for a truly holistic programme of health (diet & exercise) advice, born from decades of experience and wisdom.  His programme involves daily stretching with the use of light dumbbells, regular eating (of the right things!) and just a lot of common sense.  Check it out.


Tim Ferriss’s “Four Hour Work Week”.  I’ve really enjoyed reading Tim’s books over the last few years, and more recently have been listening to his podcasts; interviews with a number of fascinating characters.  A feast of food for thought.


Chuck was introduced to me by a mutual friend (Andy Bremner: who is arguably 20% funnier than his brother Stuart).  Chuck’s about 5 years ahead of me on the blog-based journey of songwriting, and word-writing.  From building your own guitar to a list of tracks on the subject of “November”, this is eclectic stuff, well worth a read and a listen!