ETFs – take an active interest in passive funds

So, what is an ETF?   An ETF or “Exchange Traded Fund” is a fund which you can buy or sell daily on a stock exchange, just like a stock, and which tracks the performance of something more diversified than a single stock (which only reflects the performance of a...

Life insurance – what price peace of mind?

Target Audience   Any income-earning adult with financial dependents (a partner and/or children), whether: 1.    a Singapore-based resident (expat / PR / citizen / EP holder), or 2.    a resident of another S.E. Asian country (with the exception of Australia and...

Why am I vegan anyway?

21 years as an omnivore "fussy eater" I was conscious, as a child, of neatly fitting the label of “fussy eater”.  This manifested mostly in an innate reluctance to eat meat (conveniently, my brother preferred meat to vegetables, so a little...

About me

What is this site for, exactly?

I’ve created the site for three purposes:

• “Advice”: to share tips, tricks and general pointers on a number of topics that I often find myself answering questions on, such as “why are you…”, “how do you…” and “what do you think of…”.

• “Music”: to share the music I’ve composed, played and produced (with some potentially music-techie commentary on the process and tools involved).

• “Personal Finance”: to share general thoughts on investing and to highlight problem scenarios for which I can offer solutions in my role as a certified Financial Adviser in Singapore.