No-bake cereal bar recipe

I've been following the excellent "Happy Body" diet and exercise protocol for some time, which involves eating every three hours (to optimise metabolism for fat loss) during a 12 hour period: 08:00: breakfast 11:00: snack 14:00: lunch 17:00: snack 20:00: dinner   So,...

ETFs – take an active interest in passive funds

This article provides a brief introduction to ETFs; what they are, and what the pros and cons to consider are, before you invest in them. So, what is an ETF?   An ETF or “Exchange Traded Fund” is a fund which you can buy or sell daily on a stock exchange, just like a...

Life insurance – what price peace of mind?

This article outlines the surprising affordability of life insurance where many people over-estimate the cost as their major reason to not buy cover.   Target Audience   Any income-earning adult with financial dependents (a partner and/or children), whether: 1.    a...

About me

What is this site for, exactly?

I’ve created the site for three purposes:

• “Advice”: to share tips, tricks and general pointers on a number of topics that I often find myself answering questions on, such as “why are you…”, “how do you…” and “what do you think of…”.

• “Music”: to share the music I’ve composed, played and produced (with some potentially music-techie commentary on the process and tools involved).

• “Personal Finance”: to share general thoughts on investing and to highlight problem scenarios for which I can offer solutions in my role as a certified Financial Adviser in Singapore.